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The Lifetrade Fund B.V.

Investment Objective

The Fund’s investment objective is to seek long-term capital preservation and growth by investing in life settlements (U.S. life insurance policies purchased in the secondary market) and life settlement securities issued by Lifetrade Life Settlements Ltd. (Ireland). The Fund’s returns are generally uncorrelated to the equity, bond, commodity and real estate markets. An investment in the Fund can achieve diversification while reducing overall portfolio volatility.

Main Investment Strategy

  • The Lifetrade Fund invests through securities in a seasoned, diversified portfolio of life settlements issued by investment grade U.S. insurance companies.
  • Lifetrade Management Company, LLC as the Investment Manager of the Lifetrade Fund, carefully manages the acquisition of policies for its portfolio. Decisions are based on careful analysis of the quality and characteristics of individual policies, as well how each policy fits into the overall balance of the portfolio.
  • In order to achieve long-term capital appreciation, the Lifetrade Fund pursues a “buy and hold” strategy.

ISIN - 526151066
CUSIP - N52615106