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Last NAV: Lifetrade Fund : $227.30 : LTrade Plus : $140.63 : LTrade Celetial: $105.89

Lifetrade Fund BV - Announcement of Directorship Change
Ltrade Plus and Ltrade Fixed Capital – Announcement of Directorship Change

The Lifetrade Fund B.V. is a leading alternative asset investment vehicle focused exclusively on the life settlements market. A pioneer since the inception of the asset class, Lifetrade invests in securities backed by a diversified, seasoned pool of life insurance policies issued by a broad group of high credit quality, carefully regulated U.S. insurance companies. The Fund’s investor base includes institutions, public authorities, pension funds and professional investors. With a long and successful track record of providing attractive risk-adjusted returns with a generally low correlation to the equities, securities, and real estate markets, Lifetrade Fund B.V. should be part of any prudent investor’s portfolio.